lunes, 16 de febrero de 2009


Alejandro Fournier Another Ana

I want to shout
I want to hurt
I want to move it

I want to admire you
I want to p$%&///@ you
I want to take all your brain
Take all your brain

Choose your way to have your own life
In your own structure
In your own thougths
Your own thougths

You play you pay
You play you pay
If you play you pay

Another, Another An…..
It´s another anar&$@


Alejandro Fournier Escena

Alejandro Fournier Geomtry

T o d a y
I feel alone
T o d a y
I see the sun
And the waves…
And the waves...

I see
And some light

T o d a y
I feel alone
I feel alone I feel alone

तिमिन यौर पोक्केट

Alejandro FOurnier No Tocar

Checking clothes
All your time is in your pocket

We´re always thinking in the past
…"Remember those days"

Everyone is alive
Everything is changing...

S.R.// The Cave

Alejandro Fournier Javier

2008 Javier C.T.

Alejandro Fournier Santino

2008 Santino

Alejandro Fournier Lou

2008 Lou

Take me a picture in the cave
No one can imagine whats there
Don´t care , don´t care
Just in my m.e.m.o.r.y.
Is the only register what´s next lost

Take me a picture and don’t be cruel
Take me a picture and don’t be cruel


alejandro fournier 5

Think about the future
find your numbers
find your way to have light
move it, move it

Left & Right
Left & Right

heart is on the right side...

Cubo y Awake

Caja de Luz
Obra Comisionada


Alejandro Fournier AWAKE

How do I feel today?
I´m trying to stay awake
I´m trying to stay awake
There´s no action to change my sunny day... sunny day

Feeling you, watching you...
awake, awake awake....


Alejandro Fournier 09

Take your t.i.m.e.
T o t h i n k
a b o u t
the translation $ Rotation
b e c a u s e
we´re in the same time
we´re in the same time

In the same time
I´m seatting here
In the same time
you´re hearing me...